Halloween Tree:{DIY Vintage Ornaments}


Vintage HalloweenOrnaments!As mentioned in our Halloween Mantel post, you will be seeing these cute little blackcats and jack-o-lanters in our Halloween decor and crafts! Our ornaments are made usingcanned foods lids.We got to thinking that the lids off of olives and beans are the perfect size for making homemade ornaments for our Halloween tree. Now all we had to do was assemble our ornamnets and decorate our tree for Halloween!

This is what you need:
Matthew Mead templates Tin can lids. Hot glue. Glitter. String
Chip board frames. {we found ours at Michael’s last season.}
Branches. Black spray paint.

How to:
Spray and let dry your branches.
Print and cut out your templates. Glue templates onto lids.

Glue frame onto lid.

Poke a small hole through the frame and attach your string.

Now you have a vintage tree ornament!

Since we did not have enough round frames,
we decided to use some glittler on some of the ornaments.
We found some very fine glitter at The Dollar Tree.
The glitter has a mind of its own and got everywhere!
To hang these ones, we simply looped the string in back and glued it down.

Here is the vintage black cat.

Happy vintage Jack-O-lantern.

Our crow loves hanging out in the tree amongst the ornaments.

We love incorporating the color purple into our Halloween decorating.

We hope we have inspired you create a Halloween tree this year! We would love to see what you come up with! Remember, keep it Homespun!
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