Handmade Halloween Greeting Card


The tradition of sending good wishes goes back many centuries, probably beginning with the Chinese and Egyptians who exchanged goodwill messages at the start of a new year to ward off evil spirits. However, these tokens were not sent at other times of year and didn’t bear any resemblance to cards werecognizetoday.
There is evidence of printed cards from the 14th Century in Germany where images were carved onto wood blocks, which then be covered in ink and used to print onto paper. These forms of cards were very expensive since they were handmade so were only accessible to well to do and wealthy individuals.
Sir Henry Cole has been credited with establishing the first printed cards that has developed into the mass-production industry we know today. Cole asked his friend and artist John Calcott Horsely to create a painting that could be printed in quantity for him to give to all his friends. Sir Henry Cole was an enterprising man with interests in a number of areas. He quicklyrecognizethe opportunity this printed greeting card could offer, even selling off the remaining stock of cards from this first print run in central London.
For our Halloween greeting cards we used what we had: Beautiful Anna Griffin card stock and paper. Scrap book embellishments. Rubber stamp and trim.

To build the card: layer the card stock which was a pre folded piece of card stock that opens and makes the body of the card. Next place a smaller piece of card stock on top of the card base. Lastly, add your decorative embellishment piece. We found these at Michael’s Craft store.

To add your greeting/sentiment: open the card and print in the center of the card.

We added a little more embellishment to the inside our our card with these Anna Griffin floral stickers.

We love this yarn fringe thread. We use it for a lot of different projects. But for the card making, it really added a nice sophisticated touch.

Just a little touch at the bottom of some silver metallic Washi tape. Part of Anna Griffins collection.

Here is the Halloween owl perched on his midnight branch.

The favorite one is the haunted house for sure. Just love this piece.

This Halloween instead of paying an arm and a leg for a greeting card, gather up some supplies and turn into that handmade card maker that has been waiting to come out!

Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.
Psalm 34:11
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