Pumpkin Spice Cocoa Mix


Something to give. Two of our favorite things, pumpkin and gifting others. We thought it would be interesting to mix up a recipe of something that had pumpkin and chocolate in it and came up with pumpkin spice cocoa mix!

What we used to make our pumpkin spice cocoa mix:
2 cans of cocoa mix.{we used pre-sweetened}. 2 cups of chocolate chips. 2 T. pumpkin spice. 1 T. cinnamon. Clean pasta sauce jar with label removed.

Use a clean dry large bowl. Place all your ingredients in the bowl.
Using a slotted spoon or whisk, combinethoroughlyall the ingredients.

Use clean dry jars and begin filling the jars either all the way to the top, or almost to the top like we did and add some mini marshmallows. In between filling each jar, give your mixture another little stir so things don’t settle too much.

What we used todecorateour jars:
Natural coffee filters. Faux leaves. Yarn. Double stick tape.
Free printables from
How we decorated our jars:
Place double stick tape on a leaf and stick it to the front of the jar.

Download, choose your text, print and trim your label.
Tape label onto the leaf on the front of the jar.

Place coffee filter on the jar lid and secure with a rubber band. {Forgot to mention that you would need a rubber band earlier}.
Use your string and wrap it around the rubber band a couple of times and tie it.

Use double stick tape and tape to the lid of the jar the round label.

That’s it!

This Thanksgiving warm someones heart as well as their body with a gift from the heart.
Be inspired, get creative!
When a man’s ways please theLord,He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.
Proverbs 16:7
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