Pumpkins in Net Bag


Please don’t throw out the net bag the oranges, onions or ornamental pumpkins andgourdscome in!
Reuse and recycle them into a Produce Net Pumpkin display for your home or office just like we did.
Here’s how!

We spotted these pumpkins at the market noticed how likable the contrast of the pumpkins and the net of the bag were together we took it form there and made our Produce Net Pumpkins.
What you need:
Pumpkins in the net bag
The net bag the pumpkins came in. Carefully cut open the bag and save as much of the netting as possible in size to fit over your pumpkins.

Place the netting over/around the pumpkin and twist it tight towards the bottom of the pumpkin. To secure, poke it gently through the net. We did not have to use any additional fasteners, etc.

Your pumpkin will look like this.

Thenettinggives the impression of a cool web design. And the orange pumpkin and the black net together are stunning.

The white pumpkin is classy Fall decorating don’t you think?

We hope you are enjoying decorating your home with all Gods beautiful Fall bounty!

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