Quick & Easy Burlap Thanksgiving Candles


Think don’t have much time to but together a Thanksgiving table centerpiece?
If you have candles, burlap and twine and about 10 minuets, you can have homemadeBurlap Thanksgiving Candlesfor your Thanksgiving gathering!

What you will need to make these candles are:
Flameless candles
Burlap (bought ours in a roll already printed at craft store)
Twine orstring.
Cut burlap to fit around candles
Cut doublelengthoftwineto tie around candles
Wrap burlap around candles and than wrap and tie with the twine

The best thing about these easy candle wraps is that they are so easy to make and change out as the season,occasionormood strikes.

Have fun making your Thanksgiving candle centerpiece!

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1 John 2: 15-16
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