Simple Rustic Thanksgiving Napkin Rings


Preparing for your Thanksgiving feast with family and friends is such a blessing. Being able to gather together and share food, stories and memories is precious.
We love creating a special, cozy gathering spot for all to feel welcome and be themselves in. Getting to be creative during this time is so limitless and we have been busy withseveralprojectsone of which we are sharing today, ourRustic Thanksgiving Napkin Rings.

To make your Rustic Thanksgiving Napkin Rings you will need:
Empty paper towel roll(s)
Leaf embellishments
Hot glue
Cut your paper towel roll into 2 inch rings. Cut off enough burlap to cover tourtowelrings makingsure it is wide enough to turn over and glue to the inside of the ring, and glue burlap to ring. Cutoffapieceof ribbon to fitaround the outside of the ring and glue. Glue on the leaf embellishment to the front of the napkin ring. Pull napkin through the ring, and use.

We hope you are enjoying preparing your home for family and friends this Thanksgiving season.

Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands are my delight.
Psalm 119: 143
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