Thankful Leaf Magnets


What Are You Thankful For? Out of sight is out of mind.What we are not putting our thoughts on soon become lost in a sea of clutter.We decided to use some of our craft leaves to write down some of the things in our family that we are thankful for,and make them intoleaf magnets, tokeepthose thingsin the forefront of our mind as much as possible.As the distractions of life cause us toloose focus, it is nice to lookUP and see what really does matter in our lives.

Such an easy, kid friendly little craft. We love every channe we can get totalk to our children aboutall we have to be thankful for.All you need are craft leaves. Magnets. Marker. Hot glue. Have the family write down what comes from their heart that they are thankful for. Put a dab of glue on the underside of the leaf and stickon the magnet.

This is one time I am “thankful” for having a black refrigerator since it is a nice back drop for the colorful leaves! We hope you are inspired to make some of your own thankful magnets. Remember, keep it Homespun!
Your word O Lord, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.
Psalm 119:89
Homespun With Love
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