Thanksgiving Mantel: Metallic Pumpkins


Gold& Cooper Pumpkins. Shortly after completing our pumpkin project here, a trendy home decor catalog came in the mail, and much to our happy surprise we noticed a beautiful tablescape which included the use of some very expensive metallic decor! In gold and cooper! Now our once almost ready for the recycle bin pumpkins have a warm metallic coat and are show worthy!

So we took these poor old Styrofoam pumpkins, that we had used last year and saved them from the recycle bin, giving them a nice make-over. Last year these pumpkins served as votive candle holders during the holiday. As you can see we hollowed out the center for the votive to rest in. Making every effort possible to reuse what we had this year, we changed them.

We used some of the foliage from our stash and put together a little bundle that would be placed inside the pumpkin once it was painted and dried.

We used the Martha Stewart Metallic Cooper and Gold paints combined to paint our pumpkins. This paint is wonderful. It is new for us, and its application is smooth with pretty good coverage on the first application. Love the color once it is dry.

Once the pumpkins were good and dry we placed in our foliage and hot glued it down in certain spots to keep it in place in the pumpkin. These still have that rustic look to them that we love.

For us, this season, what’s old is new and we are finding more ways to appreciate more what we already have with just a few simple touches and maybe a few dollars. We hope we have inspired you to do the same! Remember,

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