Thanksgiving Mantel: Candle Wraps


RusticDIY Candle Wraps. If you are looking for ways to dress up your mantel this Thanksgiving, specifically candles, do it yourself with what you have! We took some of our Harvest decor stashes from last year and reused it in new and different ways for this year. In no time we had some “new” mantel candles that look great and cost hardly anything!

We took some old seasonal picks and pulled them apart and reworked them with some other old picks. We did buy some Martha Stewart Metallic paint in Cooper{which we love} and painted some onto our old leaves since we wanted to go with a little metallic look this year. This paint will go along the way using it with other crafts, so the couple of dollars we paid for it was worth it.

We touched up some fabric leaves with the paint to bring in the metallic look we wanted.

We used scrap burlap as part of the candle wrap. Love how the burlap adds another textural element and has the organic rusticfeel to it as well.

We found a Blessings rubber stamp at Michael’s and stamped it on to scrap card stock and cut it out in a rectangle to fit on the wrap.
Below is the layering process of the candle wrap. Each element was hot glued onto the other. To secure the wrap onto the candle we tied it on with a piece of raffia. All of our mantel candles are flameless.

For the candle below we stamped on the Blessings sentiment right onto the leaf.

Below are some individual closer looks of the candle wraps.

Before you head out to the craft store for new craft supplies, check last year’s stash and see what you can reuse in a new and different way this Thanksgiving! You can see more of our mantel

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