Thanksgiving Mantel: Cinderella Pumpkins


Cinderella Pumpkins. We love pumpkins. We love them more so during Thanksgiving than during Halloween. We cook and decorate more with than now than ever. We fell in love with the white pumpkin last season. For this season, instead of buying pretty new metallic, sparkly pumpkins, we decided to make-over last year’s Cinderella pumpkins. Want to know the good thing about these pumpkins? At the stroke of midnight, they don’t turn into Cinderella!

Here are last years Cinderella pumpkins.

We pulled off the plain old foliage to prepare the pumpkin for some paint and new fancy foliage.

We did pick up a new Harvest stem and some metallic jeweled flowers from Michael’s. What we like to do is break the stem down into 2-3 craft projects like we did with this stem. This one stem ended up decorating two mantel pumpkins and a wreath {to be seen at a later date}.

We used Martha Stewart Metallic paints to paint the pumpkins.

We wanted the pumpkins to have a rustic but somewhat chic look to them, so the application of the paint with brush strokes showing was not an issue.

Pretty little pumpkin with it’s pretty little new decoration!

We are pretty happy with the results. Loving metallic cooper and some glitter this Thanksgiving season!

And the final product!

We hope we have inspired you to make-over a pumpkin or two to include in your Thanksgiving Harvest decor. Have fun and be creative. Take your inspiration from nature and create away!

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