Thanksgiving Mantel: Rag Garland


Mantel Dressing. Who inspires your sense of decorating style?! There are so many lovely women that we draw ideas from. But today we were inspired to make this napkin mantel rag garland this year after seeing the beautiful inspiration of
A couple of years ago we bought these beautiful Harvest napkins and have used them in several ways to line baskets and for table runners, but we could never bring ourselves to use them to wipe our mouths on. They were just too nice and we new after so many washing they just would not be the same. So as not to waste, we put to good use what we already have and we turned them into a beautiful mantel rag garland.

We used five napkins and a clothesline.

Layout flat the napkins and cut strips in the desired width.

Measure your mantel and cut your clothesline accordingly. Starting at one end of the clothesline begins to tie on the pre-cut strips of fabric. Continue until you reach the other end. Space the fabric strips apart as needed.

Hang your Thanksgivingrag garland and enjoy it!

We hope you are inspired to look for ways you can easily and inexpensively decorate your home this Thanksgiving season.

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