Thanksgiving Wreath


Welcome, Wreath. The wreath is probably the most popular symbol of welcome and hospitality in decorating not only our homes and front doors but on stationery and Christmas cards. And as tradition would have, we have a wreath to show you today. This year Thanksgiving wreath is a simple twig style wreath that has had several transformations prior to being crowned, “Thanksgiving wreath”.

Our Thanksgiving wreath hangs in our 1940’s California house which we call home. It hangs in the entryway on the closet door to welcome you and greet you as you first enter in. The welcome decal above the wreath we found at the Dollar Tree and has been there for a while now. We love its greeting too.

As mentioned, this wreath was initially purchased about five years ago from the craft store and at that time was gold with iridescent glitter. It hung during the holidays just where the new Thanksgiving wreath hangs now. During this past Halloween, we decided to try and change it up, so we spray painted it black. It was awful looking. It looked like it was in a fire. So after that, we decided to spray paint it orange. Did not like that either. Finally, 18 karats gold spray paint leftover to the rescue! That was the perfect solution and would work with the metallic look we were going for this season. It finally turned out great!

With a few inexpensive craft store purchases, we had our decorating planunderway.

With just a few dabs of hot glue to hold in place our embellishments, it was all starting to come together.

And here it is! We love that it is simple, rustic, metallic {but not over the top},and welcoming. Who knows what it might look like next year, but for now, we are thankful for what we have.

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