Upcycled Harvest Pumpkins


Easy Harvest Pumpkins! We love taking something old, as in had for a while, used it, ready to switch it up a bit and use it again. That is what we did with these Harvest Pumpkins. Last year they were used as is from the store, with the exception of adding the fancy thread.This year, well, we had to fancy them up to go with the rest of the Thanksgiving decor. We can honestly say, what’s old is new now!

You may have noticed these pumpkins mixed in with our candle centerpiece recently. They do add to the overall look we were going for: metallic, rustic chic.

This is how they looked before the metallic transformation. Not bad if that is the look you want.

We have used this paint more than any other craft medium this season and we love it! Of course we used it on these pumpkins too. We actually mixed the two colors together on this project. The colors are Cooper and Gold.

With just a paint brush we applied our paint mixture onto the pumpkin. Some on the curly vine and leaf. We love how some of the orange shows through in spots to give them the rustic look we like.

They catch the light really well and the variations of color you see is amazing.

If you are looking to change up some of your old decor, why not try out some great metallic paint and see what a difference it makes. We hope you are inspired to make something old, new! Remember, keep it Homespun!
Your commands make me wiser than my enemies,
for they are ever with me.
Psalm 119:98
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