4 tips for natural white teeth

Because we all want white teeth, but not everyone can afford spending out large sums, there are some simple tricks than everyone can try.


If you have stained teeth, they can be cleaned with vinegar. Apply one drop of vinegar on your toothbrush and continue washing. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Recommended foods

In order to get whiter teeth is better to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and don’t forget about milk. For example, apples, celery and carrots favor teeth whitening and strawberries and oranges are also considered natural bleaching agents, because they cause acidity.

Homemade dental scaling

Lemons have bleaching properties because of their citric acid content. The weekly brushing with a soft tooth brush dipped in lemon juice is highly effective. In addition, for homemade tartar removal, rub charcoal or baking soda on your tooth. Don’t overdo it because you can destroy the enamel.

Dental floss and mouthwash

Although they seem optional, they must not miss from our dental care ritual. It’s very important to use floss in order to remove food debris from areas where your toothbrush can’t reach. Finally, rinse with mouthwash to prevent the plaque formation, which can cause yellow teeth.

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