5 makeup mistakes every woman should avoid

The basic rule that will never go out of fashion is giving up the artificial look by relying on natural.

Below we’ve created a list of the most common makeup mistakes.

Excessive eyebrows tweezing

Eyebrows complete the face beauty, supporting the balance of the whole physiognomy. Thin eyebrows give an olden look, not chic.

Choosing the wrong foundation shade

The foundation is not designed to change the color of your skin, but to equalize it. So, don’t use it as a tanning product. In addition, before buying a foundation, test it in natural day light, applying a small amount on the jawline and descend slightly to the neck. Choose a color identical to your natural skin color.

Inappropriate age makeup

In the beauty industry, season after season, more and more trends succeed. Choose to transpose in real life only those that suit you best, depending on your age. For example, a make-up performed with the glitter doesn’t match the elderly women. Teenagers should avoid applying a very dark shadow in the eye area because the effect will be excessive aging.

Large quantity of powder

Healthy skin has its natural radiance, and when powder is not applied to slightly smooth the delicate skin, it becomes very dry and unhealthy.

Overloading your look with too much makeup

The best way to get a stylish makeup is to emphasize one side of the face. If the eyes are outlined in dark-toned smokey eyes style, lips shouldn’t be emphasized. Ideally, in this situation opt for light shades for lips.

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