5 mistakes you might be doing in legs hair removal

Whatever the season, our skin should look flawless, especially when it comes to excess hair. Because we must pay even more attention to epilation, here are some mistakes you need to avoid.

Sun exposure

No sunbathing or shaving before or after for 24 hours. Whether we are talking about waxing, whether we refer to the laser, this habit should be avoided. The sun makes skin too sensitive to withstand such an assault, and the laser can inflame the skin. In contact with the sun heat, our skin can look burnt.

Hair removal blade

We know you’re always on the rush, because time is limited, but no! Don’t use the blade! You’ll thicken your hair and you’ll make it grow faster.

Using someone else’s razor blade

If it happens (once a year) to shave your legs with a blade is not a tragedy. But try using your own blade, unused. Perhaps your partner’s blade is closer, but you can make folliculitis – a hair follicles disorder.

Hair removal before menstruation

If you’re doing hair removing a week before menstruation, then certainly you will find that the pain is higher, due to the fact that your skin is more sensitive. In addition, your skin will stay red for longer.

Applying a scented moisturizer

Our advice is not using a scented moisturizer after hair removal as it can irritate the skin. It is best opting for a cream without perfume.

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