Eye makeup tips for middle-aged women

For a middle-aged woman, makeup fixes the age, dark circles and creases around the eyes, rather than accentuating their beauty features as it did in the past days. It’s important to use the right amount of eye makeup and applying it excessively. You will also need to change your makeup techniques.

Middle-aged women usually need more help in correcting wrinkles, so the solid creams and concealers work best for this age group. The concealer is sold in cream, liquid and powder form. This can reverse the appearance of dark circles around your eyes. Look for a concealer as close to your skin color as possible. If you need to make a decision between two colors, go for the lighter one. Concealer is the first layer in any makeup application. Apply a thin layer under your eyes in order to cover the wrinkles and dark circles. Start from the inside, near your nose margins and go outward. Follow the eyelids. Apply the concealer with your eyes closed and fill every line starting from the inner corner and going outward. The concealer will take away many years if applied properly. There is a fine line between too much and just enough, so pay attention when you use it.

If not used properly, the eyeliner pencil can draw attention to the wrinkles of middle-aged women. Choose a brown or a black color, depending on your skin tone. Using a dark eyeliner can make you look tacky. Choose brown if you’re blonde. The black should be reserved for those with darker skin and hair. Apply a thick line of black eyeliner and you’ll get the style of the eighties. The key is to choose an eyeliner color that hides the lines of your eyes.
The biggest mistake that women can do when applying this makeup is not blurring the liner against the upper edge tabs. This leaves a space between the lashes and eyeliner and looks as if was applied by someone with no experience at all. Start from the inner corner of the eyelid and pass the liner along the lower and upper lashes. The top line should end where the lashes end. “Cat’s eyes” with extended liner above is not the look you’re seeking for. The bottom line should extend slightly beyond the tabs. This will help minimize the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Applying an eye shadow is the final step to makeup your eyes. Find a subdued tone to complement the color of your eyes. Use powder shadows in an earth tone and apply them lightly over your eyelids. This should only cover the lid.

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