Foot Care

Tomatoes remedies to treat varicose veins

Have you ever thought on treating varicose veins with tomatoes? Tomatoes have powerful healing properties, due to concentrated substances in their seeds. Tomatoes also contain a substance that has the same effect as the aspirin. This acid is an anticoagulant and a blood thinner. In addition, tomatoes are rich in flavonoids, which strengthen the blood vessels. Here’s how you can …

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5 mistakes you might be doing in legs hair removal

Whatever the season, our skin should look flawless, especially when it comes to excess hair. Because we must pay even more attention to epilation, here are some mistakes you need to avoid. Sun exposure No sunbathing or shaving before or after for 24 hours. Whether we are talking about waxing, whether we refer to the laser, this habit should be …

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How to soften your feet during daytime

Rough and cracked feet are a result of many causes, such as having a job that requires all day standing, wearing sandals, or walking barefoot on uncomfortable shoes. Fortunately, by following these tips you’ll make them softer and healthier. You need: – product for foot baths – a pumice – moisturizer / foot cream – Vaseline Directions: 1. Use a …

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