How to choose water-soluble massage oils

The massage oil can be quite expensive to buy, but doing your own oil at home is easy and fun. The disadvantage of massage oil is that you can ruin fabrics if you use the wrong type. You need to know which essential oils are soluble in water in order to create a mixture that is nontoxic easily washable from your bedding sheets.

You need:

– water-soluble oils
– water-soluble essential oils

1. Buy the right kind of oil for your intended use. The edible oil is also ready for use by professional masseurs. These may contain sesame oil, sweet almond, apricot seeds, coconut or sunflower. These water-soluble oils contain no animal fats, nor perfume or coloring products.

2. Read the package instructions and seek for pre-made mixes on the market. A typical example is the Biotene, which contains coconut oil, jojoba oil and aloe. This combination is odorless and easily washable from bedding sheets.

3. Determine what mix you will use in your massage oil and if you want perfume or not. Choosing essential oils that have beneficial and therapeutic properties is your best bet to create water soluble oils that doesn’t harm your bedding. Always choose massage oils that are soluble in water, such as lavender or chamomile.

4. Some massage oils or essential oils can cause allergic reactions. Apply a small amount of the preparation on the wrist first. If any noticeable reaction doesn’t appears in 20 minutes, proceed to massage.

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