How to make a stage makeup

The great theaters and bright lights can give the dancers a pale appearance on stage, which destroys the magical quality of the show. In order to preserve their shine and to avoid looking exhausted, the dancers spend considerable time applying makeup for the stage. If you are new to the stage you may need experiment different techniques for applying makeup. Whatever your approach on applying makeup is, your goal is to present the audience a fresh face, enthusiastic, with well-defined features.

You need:

– moisturizer
– concealer
– base and foundation brush
– translucent face powder and powder brush
– highlighter
– blush
– eyeliner brush
– eye shadow
– false eyelashes and glue
– mascara
– lip balm, lip liner and lipstick


1. Ask the principal if you have any special requests regarding the makeup application. Clarify whether or not you need to use certain application techniques or colors.

2. Determine the size of the stage space. The largest theaters with big seating capacity require a heavier makeup application. You can do it with less makeup and more subtle tones with smoother lines if you’re making a presentation in small space.

3. Wash your face thoroughly to remove excess dirt and grease. Rinse with cold water to close your pores. Apply moisturizer in order to prevent the makeup from fixing on the skin cracks and apply your concealer to hide dark circles.

4. Choose a foundation that is slightly darker than your skin tone to counteract the effect of excess light. Place the base on the prominent areas of your face and blend them evenly using a brush. Be more careful around the nose and ears and along the jaw and hairline in order to avoid leaving lines marked along the edge of your face. Apply translucent powder over the entire face to achieve a matte finish.

5. Darken your eyebrows with a special pencil. Some dancers recommend using colored eyes wax and also brushing eyebrows to add definition.

6. Apply a light highlighter on the higher face points such as the brow bone, the jaw, the forehead, the nose and above the cheeks. Apply a slightly darker shade on the wrinkles. Some dancers use third dark shadow to form a “V” at the outer corner of each eyelid and then blend the three shades together.

7. Apply your blush powder brush. Blush the cheeks until the color is visible, but not overwhelming.

8. Line your eyes to “enlarge them”. Most of the dancers delineate the upper eyelid with a dark eyeliner. Some dancers take a more extreme approach and add an extra line at the bottom that extends beyond the outer corner of the eye. Check with your peers, as there are some dancers who find this very strong.

9. Apply mascara to thicken and darken your lashes. If you choose to wear false eyelashes, apply a thin line of glue to the side tabs and press them gently over your eyelids. Some dancers extend the outer edge of the eyelashes instead of following the natural line down. If you choose this option, fill the hole left with dark eyeliner. Apply mascara to your eyelashes, as desired.

10. Add color to your lips. Remove any dead skin from your lips and apply a lip balm. Use your lip liner to draw them and to color them. Apply color and remove the excess with a tissue.

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