How to remove UV nails gel

UV nails gel, also called “nails gel” is made of the same product used for dental porcelain. It is a way to enhance your nails. When the time comes to remove this gel, you can simply do it at your home. When removing UV nails gel at home, be careful not to damage the underlying nail.

You need:
– medium nail grit
– UV gel nails remover
– small glass
– orange stick
– paper towels
– nail polish
– nail conditioning oil


1. Polish the gel nails with a file. Polish gently and be careful not to damage the underlying nail.

2. Slightly warm a bottle of UV nail remover gel under warm water for a few minutes.

3. Apply enough gel to cover the nails.

4. Dip the nails in this gel until they become smooth.

5. Use the orange stick to gently discard the nails gel while are still submerged. Removing the nails off the solution will allow them to harden again.

6. Dry your hands with paper towels.

7. Polish your nails to make sure all UV gel have been removed and that your nails are soft.

8. Apply nail conditioning oil on your nails.

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