How to stimulate the growth of eyelashes

If you dream of having long and lush lashes, leave the makeup stand and return to your home. There is a way to help stimulate the eyelashes and eyebrows growth without using expensive commercial products. This home remedy will enhance the growth of eyelashes and will strengthen and revitalize them.

You need:

– 1 oz (28.4 ml) of castor oil
– lemon peel
– mascara brush


1. Pour odorless and tasteless castor oil in a small bottle. The bottle needs to contain one ounce (28.4 ml) approximately.

2. Carefully peel a lemon and cut a slice that fits in the one ounce (28.4 ml) bottle. Wash the peeled lemon with cold water and let it dry a little.

3. Place the washed lemon slice in the bottle than add one ounce of castor oil and let this mix sit for several days. Three to four days works best.

4. Apply a small amount of castor oil and lemon mix on your lashes every night before going to bed. Use a clean brush to apply the serum. You can use your daily mascara brush, but it’s better to buy a new one.

5. Rinse the serum in the morning. Apply this castor oil and lemon mix every night.

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