How to use coconut oil to combat premature skin age spots

Coconut oil is used for medicinal purposes worldwide in treating a variety of health problems, from asthma to wounds. Regarding the body’s largest organ, the skin, coconut oil helps heal bruises, scrapes and burns; it also helps combat premature skin aging and skin inflammation, and is a natural scrub. The virgin coconut oil helps prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. It’s a protective antioxidant without fragrances or harmful chemicals.


1. Wash your face and hands with water. Dry them gently with a soft towel.

2. Pour a few drops of coconut oil in your hand.

3. Apply coconut oil on your age spots and gently massage the skin. If age spots are near your eyes, use your ring finger only, as this is the weakest finger and will not pull the soft skin around the eyes.

4. Apply coconut oil on your hands and arms if you have age spots in those areas.

5. Apply coconut oil to age spots immediately after you were exposed to sunlight in order to help repair the damage that sun rays may have caused.

Image Credits: BeautifulLighterSkin

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