How to wash your hair like a professional

Maybe you think the hair washing process is so easy and you believe that your approach is correct. Styling specialists say this action should be achieved by following some basic steps.

How to wash and rinse your hair:

Wash your hair depending on the texture. Thus, smooth or fat hair should be washed daily or every two days, while normal or dry hair can be washed once every three days or twice per week. Tip: For oily hair, replace the shampoo with a volume conditioner every two washes.

Don’t use hot water! In time, you’ll get a degraded and dull hair. While applying the shampoo and mask, use warm water and rinse with cold water. This will close the hair follicles, resulting a shiny hair, full of volume.

Use a small amount of shampoo (a nut size) and insists only on the roots. You can stretch the obtained foam to all hair length. Wait 2-3 minutes, then rinse.

Change the shampoo. Jasmine Anna Galaska, a famous hairstylist recommends changing the shampoo once a month, then returning to the same shampoo. If you use more styling products, it’s recommended applying a purifying shampoo once a week.

Use a mask instead of a conditioner. Hair masks are designed to protect the hair color and to hydrate it, so dyeing sessions will become rare.

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