Makeup tips for beginners

Wearing makeup can enhance the natural beauty of your face, but it can be hard to learn where to start. There are simple tricks regarding makeup application that achieve the best results with minimal effort. It begins with the simple ones and then progresses to more complex effects. You first need to know the basics before trying something more complicated.

The most important part of the base application is to find the right color and the right consistency for your skin. People with oily skin should use a transparent base. Dry skin works best with a solid base that makes your face look smoother. Apply it on a test area of your skin to see how well it works. Once dry, look in the mirror to make sure it matches your skin in a natural way.

Eyes makeup
An eye makeup can make you look stuffy like a raccoon before you even leave home. The pre-base is the important part of the application process. Preserve the color of eye makeup and prevent oil to destroy the desired effect. Draw the line of eyeliner above and below your eyes. Lightly apply a neutral eye shadow color on the top of your eyelid. Finish the look by applying eye shadow from the crease of your eye to your eyebrows.

Lips makeup
Choosing the right lipstick that lasts all night is the first step on keeping vibrant throughout the night. Line your lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick. Put a tissue on your lips to remove excess color. Paint with a brush a layer of transparent lip balm to protect the color overnight.

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