Makeup tips for blonde hair and blue eyes

One way of enhancing your natural beauty is by wearing makeup. That makeup should highlight your hair color. Those with dark hair, dark eyes and tanned skin will prefer different colors than those with blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. If you’re a cheerful blonde with blue eyes, use these tips.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. Women with blond hair and blue eyes have a great look with metallic color. Stay away from very dark eyes, overcrowded. Instead, use a light touch of color. Apply a peach-colored shadow over the entire eyelid. Add an eye shadow or a light brown metallic gold in the crease and blend them using a brush.

The eyeliner is a useful tool to define blue eyes. But those who have blond hair and blue eyes should avoid black eyeliner. Instead, use soft brown eyeliner. The blue eyes highlight than any other color. Apply liquid brown eyeliner on the upper lash line. Press it in the tabs in order to look thicker. Draw a fine line on the outside of the lower lashes, but spread it only halfway.

Light bronzing powder gives the blondes with blue eyes a healthy glow. It is important to choose a sunscreen that is not too dark neither orange. Also avoid sunscreens containing glitter or glow. Using a large, soft brush, apply a bronzer lightly on areas exposed to sun, like the cheeks, the upper part of the nose, forehead and chin.

For a daily look, avoid using dark or bright colors. Although the bold red lipstick can give you a great look for a night out. Use a pink gloss with gold accents. If you want adding definition to your lips, use a skin color lip liner.

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