Suitable eyebrows for every face shape

Your eyebrows shape is extremely important because is influencing the harmony of your face. They have the power to balance the eye position, the size of the nose, the forehead and chin.
In addition, a suitable eyebrows shape proves effective in correcting face defects or in blurring some less pleasant traits. For example, for small eyes it is recommended avoiding too thick eyebrows and long forms.

1. Heart-shaped face

The best eyebrows shape for heart-shaped face is round arched eyebrows, not sharp. In addition, it is recommended keeping the natural length of the eyebrows.

2. Oblong face

Arched eyebrows are the key to a great looking oblong face. You can give discreet arched eyebrow shape, but only outwardly.

3. Oval face

If you have oval face, you are very lucky, because this face is quite balanced. It is therefore appropriate for any eyebrows shape. A recommendation would be by using a shadow or pencil to emphasize them.

4. Triangular face

For triangular face less the pronounced eyebrows are recommended. In addition, the right arch is the round, discreet one.

5. Square face

For women with a square face shape, the most suitable eyebrows are those natural and abundant. It’s very important to keep the eyebrow arch discreet in order to avoid giving the face a very angular shape. In this way, your face will look more proportionate.

6. Round face

For a round face the arched eyebrows are recommended. The arch peak will give the feeling of larger eyes, chasing the face shape.

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