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Aspirin mask for acneic skin

Aspirin can help get rid of ordinary headaches and you can get rid of headaches caused by acne. You have probably seen those special correctors you can use in cases of emergency (ie when you see a small pimple that disturbs all your plans). One of the active ingredient of those correctors is the acetylsalicylic acid. In popular terms – …

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Home remedies to reduce acne redness

The horrible grains and painful lesions on your face caused by acne are enough without the redness and spots that often accompany them. This odious redness can be difficult to cover with makeup and you may only make it more evident. Although the products that promise soothing the skin are available at the pharmacy, you may have the solution in …

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Natural remedies to cure acne

The remedies for acne can be expensive and they often cause a range of side effects. Use natural remedies to cure soft acne rather than trying your luck with the adverse effects. Most natural remedies for acne are safe for people of all ages. The cost is minimal and you can buy all the necessary ingredients from a health store. …

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